100 wardour, soho

24th July 2016



Approx £40 - £60 depending on alcohol

Temperatures are rising and the clothes are coming off. Now open for several months, 100 Wardour has been getting more and more popular as summer has slowly emerged from beneath London's soggy grey ass.

Just when you thought you were too old to pass out on Floridita's bathroom floor, the powers-that-be have made 100 Wardour Street relevant to you again. 

Yes, many of us have said it's been years since we've been here when we walked through the door (and many of us also lied. We've all had the odd night where some Wimbledon star has nicked our table at a good club and have had to resort to Floridita). It's had a bit of a facelift, and for once, it's really worked. 

Finally, something new to service the mid 20s to mid 30s Londoners. This place is jam-packed with singletons and couples dressed for thaa clubb, having a most civilized dinner while a Scarlett Johansson lookalike belts out jazzy versions of only the best dance songs of all time. A mix of DJs and live acts carry you through to 3am. Unless you're the lady at the table behind me this past Saturday night, who put her head on the tablecloth as if it were an Easyjet traytable, and slept. Very weird.

The food is great and that is why I've eaten there twice. They've pitched somewhere between top-notch gastro-pub and Michelin star, and that is the right place to be for this venue. They're cooking party food with classical preparations, and there is discipline and excellence in their kitchen. Service was attentive, polite and faultless both times.

Their duck is memorably one of the best servings I've had in London. Try the molten chocolate dessert. Promise yourself just one spoon. Once you've had it you'll find room for the rest. I took a vegetarian with me on the second visit and ate all of her food. We carnivores loved the artichoke and broccoli salad, sugarsnaps and chilli-dusted padron peppers.

What's not to like? Plenty of people watching, posing and munching abounds. If you don't go by the end of July, you're well behind the curve. And there's no excuse because it's incredibly easy to get a table. GO, GO, GO.