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I am a Londoner, born and bred. Thanks to my Indian heritage, my nomad ancestors and a personal predilection for travel, I've spent lots of time abroad.  One of the best things about this is all the insanely good food I get to eat along the way! 

I've also lived in Boston, Marbella, and Rhode Island, and work has taken me as far as Russia, Brazil, and Thailand. My father was born in Burma and my mother was raised in Malta, so we had dishes like khao suey, rabbit stews, and chai su pork buns on our kitchen table when I was a child, as well as all the Indian classics. I've always been an adventurous foodie - I tried sushi at six and oysters at eight, and loved both!

I know I share my international tastes with many other Londoners from generation Millennial and feel lucky to live in a city with tremendous variety, with the freedom to enjoy all that it offers. 

 All too often, London restaurants justify the term "rip-off Britain". We're expected to pay high prices for day-old food, cooked and prepared offsite, and served with an insistent reminder that we need to be out of our seats in ninety minutes. That's why when I find something wonderful - whether it's a hidden gem of a bakery, London's best prawn pho, or an unbelievable bargain on truffle pasta - I want to share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy my recommendations!