Six of the best advent calendars of 2016

17th November 2016



It's that time of year again!!! While not strictly food, most of these are delicious and worth having in situ in time for December 1st. They also make fantastic early-Christmas gifts. Here's something for everyone:

1)  Honest Brew's Craft Beer advent calendar £64

24 awesome craft beers and a few mini bags of Propercorn. If there is anyone that you've pissed off (or alternatively need to butter up), this is the way to do it.

2) MyProtein advent calendar £4.99

Christ almighty even those clean eaters sin slightly, and here is the evidence! 24 little protein-packed chocolates. Tis the season to be jolly? No that's not it. To deck the halls with boughs of holly? Hmm. That doesn't sound right either. To eat some protein, go to Barry's and bench press a Christmas tree? YES! THAT'S THE ONE!

3) NYX's make up advent calendar £60

For that Huda-loving bae in your life (or for yourself), this is damn good value for money and excellent material for the party season. 12 matte lip creams and 12 mini eyeshadows. Plus - they're travel size, perfect for the Christmas vaycay. Full list of colours available on the ASOS website.

4) Artisan du Chocolat's Spirit of Christmas advent calendar £39.99

This is my absolute favourite brand of chocolates. Yes you could spend a fiver on a Lindt calendar and eat the same old mini slab of chocolate every day for 24 days. Or you could pony up for one of these and get a little bit of foodie heaven daily, then a whole box of it on Christmas day. Salted caramels, delectable pearls, truffles and more. So good!!

5) Drinks by the Dram - The Whisky Advent Calendar £155

A leeeettle bit expensive? Yes but what a treat! They really have selected some fine whiskeys for this calendar. Drinks by the Dram do a whole range of alcohol advent calendars at different price points - including a Naga chilli vodka calendar. 

6) Sexy Santa Advent Calendar £19.43

Raise your eyebrows all you want, but yesterday there were a few different types of these chocolate willy calendars available at £5, and today I can only find this one at four times the price! Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks this is hilarious.