Farmacy, NOtting hill

19th July 2016



Approx £20 a head

I've joined the clean eating movement, and it's really annoying. I used to be able to knock back a latte and feast on a full English just like everyone else, but now... I have guilt.

That one, sickening, inconvenient emotion has propelled me, reluctantly, towards places like Farmacy. It's no longer enough to cook with coconut oil Monday to Friday, now, my body tells me, I must do so even on the weekends. So, we will feature these 'healthy' restaurants alongside the fat-filled 'normal' ones, even though they were once looked upon as a service centre for those living in a hippie commune.

I like Farmacy. But, I've also liked quinoa and kale since 2004, so this is more of an extension of my home kitchen than a revolution. It does provide a convenient third-space to meet other legging-clad friends at on a Sunday morning. It is also in close proximity to that joyously inexpensive Scandi treat shop, Tiger. 

It's also a great 'gateway' clean eating restaurant - a 'real' restaurant. There are no cooling cupboards with fermeting take-away kombucha bottles leering over you while you eat. And it's got brasserie style and the kind of potted plants you'd like to have in your own home, rather than that semi-Greenpeace vibe you get at Wild Food cafe. The service is reasonably good.

Rather than taking on the full fight of raw and vegan, the kitchen is 'plant-based' So if you're gluten-free, nut-free, or vegan, pay attention to the initials next to each dish on the menu. They've taken an obscene liberty by serving eggs, but we'll allow it. As I said, this is a gateway restaurant.

This is a suitable alternative to 202 cafe and Daylesford, whose ever-same menus are not ever-green, and a healthier alternative to Granger & Co. Go.