10th July 2016



Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon, you just want to knock back four tequila shots and grind to Fabolous in your boyfriend jeans and Stan Smiths , right? Me too.

Hip Hop Brunch is a pop-up event, taking place at a mysterious location that all too often turns out to be Floripa. 

They charge £45 for brunch tickets. It includes an hour of watered down cocktails and the most horrific take on jerk chicken burgers I've ever come across. For that price, Rum Kitchen should have catered, or at the very least, the food should be edible. 

The rest of the event is top quality and a lot of fun, despite the fact that 30% of the attendees are on a stag or hen. Go with your school friends to set that nostalgia off right, get a party-only ticket and stand firm in the queues. The door staff are reasonable. It's the middle of the afternoon, after all.