lima, fitzrovia

8th July 2016



Approx £75 a head

Significantly improved from its first six months after opening, Lima's special sauce is its beautiful plating. It's mostly as delicious as it looks, but there are some winners and some losers in the menu. Don't miss the lamb - it was so perfect that we ordered a second serving. We decimated the avocado chocolate mousse, a Lima signature dish.

Eye candy plates like the avocado chocolate mousse and braised octopus, plus gorgeous cuts of meat are no doubt the reasons why this spot has a star, but with other great Peruvian restaurants like Coya in the same price bracket, and hot little number Pachamama competing well as a cheaper alternative, it's a member of a top-performing stable rather than the show pony.

As it's been open for a few years, it's easy to get a seat on a weeknight, so a good-to-know post-Charlotte Street happy hour dinner spot - if the boss is with you and paying. Otherwise, be ready to spend a minimum of £60 per head if you are drinking.