10th April 2016



Approx £50 a head

Advertised as modern European, but not wildly new or inventive. This is not a bad thing, as it means you will have an actual fillet on your plate rather than a suggestion or deconstruction of the food you desire. They deliver excellent quality, especially considering the price point, but there is no special point of difference in their cooking that would summon me back to Salut again.

We found the atmosphere to be gloriously chilled out and grown up. You will not have to bear through any tables of 22 year olds Snapchatting, nor any Old Streeters trying to catch Pokemon mid air en route to the toilets. They offer the table for at least three hours. Welcome to the Free World. 

Organic prosecco, excellent presentation, and an open kitchen will make Salut a local favourite, and an ideal option for those looking for a civilized change of scene after a City working day.