Wild food cafe, covent garden

18th July 2016



Approx £25 a head without alcohol.

Wild Food Cafe seems to command holy reverence from vegans and Barry's Bootcamp clean eaters. Unpretentious, bright and tightly packed, this little first-floor restaurant has been catering for raw food missionaries for years.

As such, they are rather skilled in the art of substitution. Cashew butter for yoghurt, cauliflower for cous cous and so forth.

Their menu is worded for six year old girls - one of their five main dishes is called "fairy feast". But hats off to the chefs for creativity. This is the first time I've considered having Irish moss seaweed, pink olives, and and probiotic cultures for dinner.

I went with a fellow meat eater who has recently taken on a strict grain-free diet. Somehow we circumvented a detour into The Barbary, also in Neal's Yard. We abstained from wine and chose an old favourite, kombucha. Sadly they were out. 

As far as vegan food goes, this was tasty and filling. You won't feel you are overpaying, it's about right for what it is. 

The "greatest burger in the world" consisted of a tasty patty, and an unhealthy excess of seeds in the form of two round, soft, granola bar like "buns". Not even remotely like bread, but if you squeeze your eyes shut, hold your breath and wish really hard, you might feel like you're eating a burger right before you pass out due to asphyxiation. It's a tasty dish, but the my argument that vegans make outrageous claims they cannot substantiate was definitely upheld. For example "fysh" had more in common with scrambled eggs than any finned, gulled creature I've ever eaten.

The courgetti pasta was tasty, light, fresh and easy on the pallet. But I could have made it at home. The nut free chocolate tart, on the other hand, was a delight. Creamy, flavourful and moreish.

Service is casual but it gets the job done. You could really extend that description to cover the entire restaurant. They leave you to chat about your life's work, relationship philosophy and wistful ambitions in peace, for which I am grateful. The food is tasty and healthy. It's worth a visit if you're vegan or looking to maintain your diet while socializing.